The subject and purpose of CREME

We live in a time where evaluations and other systems used for measuring and documentation play a big part in the management and development of the public sector.

The purpose of CREME is to draw attention to and further develop the research that take place on IFS into these systems, including research on performance management, accreditation, audit etc. We carry out research on how these systems are influenced by organizational and political conditions and how they work on both the practical level and in the larger public and democratic arena. Of particular interest is the way political processes and evaluation processes interact.

Our research questions call for both a theoretical and conceptual account for the official purposes of such systems as well as a characteristic of the types of systems. It also calls for attention towards forms of documentation, for example the fact that it is often based on numbers. And it calls for studies to be made on how people understand and utilize evaluative knowledge. Often evaluations and systems of evaluation have consequences that go beyond official purposes.

CREME brings people and ideas together. CREME communicates new research and creates dialogue between researchers, public institutions, funds, students and the interested public. The researchers at CREME participate in the public debate and help public authorities with assessments and consultancy.

The students on the master’s programme of Political Science will get acquainted with CREME in special courses focusing on evaluative knowledge (starting summer 2019).