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CREME Centre for Research on Effects, Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation and other forms of measurement and documentation play in increasingly important role in the governance of public sector activities.

CREME´s mission is to facilitate and develop research in evaluation and evaluation systems, including performance management, accreditation, inspection etc. We are interested in the operation of such systems in the large public arena as well as in specific practical contexts, and we are generally guided by our interest in the interplay between evaluation and policy/politics.

Our research questions require theoretical and conceptual descriptions of the official purposes and types of these systems. We also pay attention to the forms of documentation they produce, such as numbers. There is a need to understand how human beings understand, engage with, and use such documentation in various contexts. Conceptual development is needed when evaluation and evaluation systems have consequences that extend far beyond their official purposes.

CREME researchers shed new light on recent trends concerning key concepts such as evidence, effects, and performance.

CREME makes people and ideas meet. Through our research communication, we create dialogues between researchers, public institutions, foundations, students and the public.